Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic

Benefiting: Mayan Families
Hosted by:Mayan Families
Goal: $7,000
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For many indigenous families in Guatemala, Mayan Families is their only access point to affordable and quality health care. The Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic provides preventive and primary health care, education, and follow up to the families we work with.

Guatemala's health sector is chronically underfunded, and relies heavily on nonprofit organizations to fill gaps in coverage. Health issues such as diabetes, chronic malnutrition, and maternal mortality are unfortunately common and without good preventative health providers many of these issues go unaddressed. 

The Charlie Gomez Medical Clinic attempts to fill that gap in coverage by providing preventative and primary health care to people of all ages with a focus on health education and promotion. With the help of an on-staff indigenous doctor and traditional midwife, we provide culturally sensitive care to indigenous communities. We also work with partner organizations to bring specialist care to remote communities. 

By supporting the community and ensuring access to preventative health care services and education through our clinic, we will be better able to serve and empower families.

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