Well Mother, Well Baby

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Our Well Mother, Well Baby Program aims to reduce the prevelence of chronic childhood malnutrition in the indigenous communities we work with. Guatemala has the highest rate of chronic childhood malnutrition in the region and the fourth highest rate in the world. The first 1000 days in a child's development are crucial, and without proper nutrition their cognitive and physical development can be permenantly impaired.

Our eight month targeted intervention provides mothers and their children with emergency nutritional aid, regular access to medical professionals, and bi-weekly educational workshops on nutrition and hygiene. We empower the women in our program to take control of their child's future, and give them and their families the tools and knowledge they need to fight malnutrition in their communities. 

How Well Mother Well Baby operates:

Bi-weekly over the eight month intervention period 

  • Children are weighed and measured to monitor progress
  • Mother and child receive a nutritional package that includes protiens, fortified carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits, and nutritional supplements
  • Mother and child attend nutrition and hygiene workshops led by our traditional indigenous midwife
  • Have access to Mayan Families support staff, including social workers, psychologists, and medical staff

The Well Mother, Well Baby Program is on the front lines in the fight against childhood malnutrition, and gives mothers and their children a new chance at life. 

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